Advanced Training includes - Metaphysical Aspects of Disorders, Introduction to Human Anatomy, History of Thai Reflexology, Indian Foot Acupressure Reflexology & Foot Magnetic Therapy - All designed to help you to Treat, Diagnose and Assist in Healing your clients.

During our training workshop students will learn how amazing the human body really is.  To help future clients regain their health it is important for a therapist to have knowledge about the human anatomy, and the symptoms and causes of various ailments.

Advanced Reflexology is a tool to do this.

The human body operates by the powder of life, i.e. electricity in the form on conscience.  We believe it to be bio-electricity.  Electricity flows through all the fingers of the hands and through the toes on the foot.  Also through the middle of the head.  There are fourteen lines of this electricity flow of consciousness which are called meridians.  You will be working on a energetic level using the meridian lines and end points of muscles in the foot.  Balance is struck in the flow of consciousness by pressing the reflex points.

There are 7200 end points of muscles in the foot, the position of the various reflexology points and how they are related to various organs and glands of the body…


Blessed Thistle (also known as Holy Thistle or St. Benedict’s Thistle) was given this name due to its reputation as a cure-all. It's name was given because of its ability to cure and was considered a gift from God. It is perhaps most well known for its usage with female related problems, though it should not be used during pregnancy. Modern herbal applications of blessed thistle are based on a long history of use in Europe and in Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

It can be found as a single herb, pure organic, non radiated Vegi capsules from our web site.

Holy Thistle is known to increase circulation and treat hormone imbalance. It enhances memory by delivering oxygen to the brain and is supportive of the heart and lungs.  This herb contains bitter compounds that decrease the thickness while increasing the production of mucosal fluids particularly in the digestive and respiratory systems.  Holy Thistle is used to treat digestive ailments fundamentally caused by insufficient secretion of…


The overlapping and crossover symptoms of Candida overgrowth, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Celiac disease, and other conditions connected to chronic fatigue are mind boggling.
This simple test that may determine if you have Candidaovergrowth.
•Have a glass of water by your bedside. •Upon awakening, spit into the water. •Every 15 minutes for an hour, look for the following indicators:
1.Stringy trails from the surface saliva dangling like jelly fish tentacles. 2.Tiny cloudy spots suspended in the water. 3.The saliva blob drops intact onto the bottom of the glass.
The later/longer any visual indicators show, the less infected you are.
Indicators showing within the first few minutes may point to a worse condition. No indicators may mean you’re free from Candida overgrowth.
Be prepared to slow down if you become overwhelmed by yeast parasites dying off. Drinking a lot of pure water and applying detox principles can help avoid this.
Killing the live yeast colonie…